First video of the US Navy’s New Star Wars-ish Destroyer at sea!

First video of the US Navy's New Star Wars-ish Destroyer at sea

US Navy’s New Star War Ship Destroyer At Sea. (First Look)

The United States Navy is the naval warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the seven uniformed services of the United States Armed Forces. It was founded on October 13, 1775, and it is considered as the largest and the most capable navy in the world with the biggest number of 10 Carriers and a total of around 272 deployable combat vessels. Today we show you a footage of the newest member of this elite group of water based fighting machines. Meet the “USS Zumwalt”, this is the Navy’s most sophisticated destroyer to date. The design is definitely something that is closer to a science fiction movie than real life as well it should be since there is no information about when is this ship to enter regular service. Watch the video of the near future of the Navy’s destroyers.

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