This Incredible Kenworth Truck Is An Awesome Barn Find That Tops All Other Finds!

This Incredible Kenworth Truck Is An Awesome Barn Find That Tops All Other Finds

Bar finds have been on a steady rise lately, and there has been more and more of the, each one cooler and bigger than the other but it appears that we have found the biggest one yet, and no, it is not the number of vehicles that has been greater than any other ones, it is simply one vehicle which topples the rest of the ones you are used to read about.
This time it is a true giant that has been lying in wait for better times, and it is an amazingly preserved
1958 Kenworth.
This rig has been parked in that barn in a nearly perfect condition, and it stayed that way for years.
Check out the amazing truck that the transformers fans might start calling Optimus Prime in the video bellow and tell us honestly isn’t this one of the prettiest trucks out there?

Turbo AWD UGLY Chevy Silverado vs 700 Horsepower Ford lightning!

Turbo AWD UGLY Chevy Silverado vs 700 Horsepower Ford lightning!

You can’t judge a book by its covers, is something that everybody knows, and lately with all the “ugly” sleeper muscle cars and trucks, this thing gets confirmed in a whole bunch of videos like this one.
Let’s be honest, a true gearhead, will not judge a vehicle just because it looks ugly at first sight, since we all know what to look for.
There are number of signs that no matter how the exterior looks, you can spot a vehicle that has been receiving some TLC.
In the video that follows, clearly the Ford F-150 which is breathing thru a Kenne Bell supercharger, seems to have the advantage, but upon closer inspection, once you hear those turbos spooling up on that Chevy, you know that it is no slouch.
Check out the video and tell us honestly, could you spot the winner before the race started?

1949 Peterbilt Show Truck Finished! (VIDEO)

1949 Model Peterbilt Show Truck Is Finished and Transformed Into Something That Will Please Your Eyes!

This might be one of the coolest vehicles from 1949 on the streets at the moment, and no, it’s not a hot rod or a muscle car, but it still has some amazing appeal that will just not let you look away until you can see every little detail, and boy are there many beautiful things to see on this truck.
This 1949 Peterbilt caught the eye of famous YouTuber Scottie, and he just had to show it to us and we sure are grateful.
From customs floormats, to perfect woodwork made in the finest details and top quality materials, this stunner has one of the prettiest truck cabins out there.
The stunning looking green paint, will show you immediately that whoever owns this truck, has a lot of love for it since the exterior looks as awesome as the interior.
Play the video and enjoy this 1949 Peterbilt, which can be an inspiration to many brand-new trucks out there.

’49 Chevy 5 Window Pickup Is The Most Unique Truck You’ll See

1949 Chevrolet 5 Window Pickup “Heirloom” 2017 Great Eight Winner 2017 Detroit Autorama!

It’s been a while since we have featured Scottie from the famous YouTube channel, ScottieDTV and we have said it many times before, this guy knows how to admire a car and he knows how to choose an awesome vehicle.
This time he shows us an astonishing 1949 Chevrolet 5 Window Pickup Custom “Heirloom”, and you have to admit, this is one of the most beautiful pickups you have ever seen.
The ride has been filmed at the 2017 Detroit Autorama, and you bet that it was one of the Great Eight winners at the show, and this comes as no surprise at all to anybody.
The whole vehicle is a combination of the most elegant pieces of automotive history, like the ’39 Model A headlights, a stunning flush-mounted windows, rear body panel that once belonged to a ’55 Cadillac Fleetwood, and many many more.
Riding on a Corvette C5 chassis and powered by a LS1 engine, this is one vehicle that just has to be seen, so play the video and tell us, is this the best-looking vehicle of its kind ever?

This 1941 Military 1/2 ton Dodge PickUp Truck Is A Perfect Tribute For WWII Vets

This 1941 Military 1/2 ton Dodge PickUp Truck Is A Perfect Tribute For WWII Vets!

Honoring the war veterans is a long standing American tradition which has been nurtured since the foundation of the country and we all do it in our own way to the best of our abilities.
Stacy David decided to do it in his unique way, he decided that he will build an extremely aggressive 1941 Dodge Power Wagon which will stand out and send the message that it honors all who have served.
One thing is for sure, there is no veteran that will not be proud of this machine, this is one of those off roaders that you would feel bad to get dirty because it is so amazingly detailed, from the Twin 50cal. ‘Ma-Deuces’ machine guns in the back, to the
Play the video and check out this amazing vehicle whose build was featured on the show gears, and tell us, would this be the perfect zombie apocalypse vehicle for you?

Hard To Believe This Crashed Chevy Still Runs!

Hard To Believe This Crashed Chevy Still Runs!

There is probably nobody on the planet that has not heard the Chevrolet slogan “Like A Rock” but while we all consider it to be just a marketing trick, there might be some truth behind it after all.
What you are about to see is something that will prove the truthfulness of this slogan, a Chevy Silverado (yes, the vehicle is so twisted that we could not easily recognize the model) is still driving after surviving an incredible crash which damaged the frame and literally every body panel, but incredibly the thing still runs.
Not only does it run, but it moves under its own power, yes ladies and gentleman, this thing still drives as well, an achievement that is worth seeing.
Check out the video and tell us, have you seen any other vehicle that is still operational after such an extensive damage?

The Most Dramatic End To a Police Chase!

The Most Dramatic End To a Police Chase!

Running from the cops is never a great idea, many times it is better to face the penalty that the law has for you instead of risking your life, the life of your passengers and the lives of everybody else in traffic in order to avoid facing justice.
We have seen many police car chases and a huge percentage of them end with a crash, or even worse with a shooting.
This time luckily nobody gets shot, but it is probably the most insane end to a police chase that we have ever seen, the air that this thing got was close to professional stunt jumps, except that he did it in a normal pickup at an incredible speed.
One thing we have to say is kudos to the guy handling the camera, this flying Toyota was not the easiest thing to be filmed from up-close.

Ford 550 Pulls Chevy Monster Truck Backwards!

Ford 550 Pulls Chevy Monster Truck Backwards!

First of all we all know, size matters, we don’t care what ladies say about those things, when it comes to vehicles size does matter and this is way the US has the biggest baddest vehicles on the planet and the Americans will keep buying them.
Then again, there are some situations when we come up on a David Vs. Goliath battle, where the huge giant faces an opponent that is literally half his size and this Ford Vs. Chevy tug of war is the perfect example of this.
This Ford F550 is chained to a massive Chevrolet Silverado that is literally closer to a monster truck than a normal vehicle, so you would think that the future is not that bright for that Ford, but wait, once they get the go signal, that little engine that could, just pulls that huge monstrosity his way with literally no drama. No tire squeal no smoke just a whistle from the turbo charger as it spools up and away he goes with that Chevy in tow.
The crowd goes wild for a reason, it is not every day you see the “smallest kid” in the park win, so check it out.

There’s Something Weird About Watching a Convertible F-150 Take Its Top Off!

There’s Something Weird About Watching a Convertible F-150 Take Its Top Off!

Well, here is something that none of us asked for! To be perfectly honest somebody must have asked for it or why else build something like this in the first place, a convertible Ford F-150 is something that doesn’t make too much sense to us but here it is striping his top off.
The only reason that we are bringing it to you is to confirm that we are not mad and this is not a vehicle that most of us would want to drive.
Please tell us in the comment section if you are a person that would pay money to ruin a perfectly good truck and turn it into a convertible, and also can somebody tell us why is that flag backwards on the wall?
Play the video and see what we mean.

Sleeper 1970 F-100 Embarrasses Tuned 2011 Silverado!

Sleeper 1970 F-100 Embarrasses Tuned 2011 Silverado!

They teach us not to judge a book by its cover and from time to time we stumble upon a video that shows us a perfect example of this saying. In today’s video, we have another Chevy VS Ford battle but at the same time it is a battle of what should be a youngster and a grandpa.
The underdog here is a 1970 F-100 pickup which has more than 45 years of work done under his belt and should be an easy win for the much newer 2011 Chevy Silverado, which has been tuned apparently.
The perfect sleeper as everybody has proclaimed this old Ford is sporting a 302 with a blower on it making sure that grandpa gets around the ranch on time to feed all the animals.
Now we have to remind you that we do not approve of racing in the streets but this was one fun race to watch, well once you check out the video you will see that there are actually a few races between these two, but since we don’t wanna spoil the fun, we will let you see what happens on your own.

New Ford Bronco: Truth or Fiction?

New Ford Bronco: Truth or Fiction?

If you remember a few months ago, while the presidential campaign was at full throttle, the now president elect Donald Trump, attacked the auto industry, especially the blue oval badge, for taking their production lines to Mexico, and even threatened them that if they keep doing this, he will tax every vehicle produced in Mexico and imported to the US with 65% because they are taking jobs from the working American and giving them to the neighbor in the south.
To this the United Auto Workers chairman Bill Johnson responded: “We hate to see the products go to Mexico, but with the Ranger and the Bronco coming to Michigan Assembly that absolutely secures the future for our people a lot more than the Focus does.“
Wait, did this guy just confirm that Ford is definitely planning to bring back the Bronco and a Ranger? It sure sounds like that to us.
The company leadership however is not responding to the questions but the renderings of the vehicle that keep appearing all over the interned seem to only add fuel to the fire of rumors that are spreading all over the place.
The pictures are all trying to imply how the supposed 2017 Bronco would look and they all have their own depiction of the vehicle, which is planned to keep the same layout of a two door SUV which is a combination of Ford Raptor power, and at the same time, greater usability and versatility then the new F-150.

It is normal that a brand would like for its vehicles to be recognizable all over the range so there is no doubt that the new Bronco will feature looks that are close and similar to the fascia of their bestseller F-150, with small amount of added aggressiveness of the more extreme also bestselling Raptor.
There is little doubt that the bodywork will be made of aluminum just like the current models, and the chassis is surely going to be a modified version of the F-150 underpinnings, since there is little to no complaints over the chassis and technology used in the design of this pickup at the moment. The lightweight materials will surely keep the Bronco on the light side of the scale which along with powerful EcoBoost turbo and bi-turbo charged engines will have great performance while keeping an extremely good gas millage.


There is literally no doubt that the resurrected model will receive the latest MyFord Touch system which will enable Bluetooth wireless connection to your cell phone in order to play all the music from your phone and even dial from it with the help of voice control. The newest gadget in this type of technology is the so called wireless charging system which is based on a magnetic field and the technology standard called qi, which is supported by most of the new android flagship phones, will be compliant with the new Ford, which will provide charging for your Android and usage of its playlist during the whole time of the trip with literally 0 wires connected to it. Who would not want a full battery every time you leave your vehicle. For the Apple product users, it is not all bad news, since there are special back covers or protectors that are qi enabled which can still make use of this new technology.

Bringing back an SUV from the past is never easy and always needs to be done with great care, since it is upon this “first” model to make the best impression in order to pay for all the development stages of the project and to ensure that the vehicle brings in enough cash for the future models to have a sure established path to stick to.
So, there will be little risk in the engine department and the first models that hit the streets must be equipped with a V-8 for the true fans of motoring and a V-6 for all the ones that love the legendary name but are not willing to spend too much money on a big and, to put it mildly not so environmentally friendly engine.
The V-6 will be virtually copy-pasted from the current 2017 F-150 and with a 3.5-liter displacement will use the help of two turbochargers to reach an amazing 365 horsepower while still maintaining great fuel economy. The gearbox for this engine will follow suit so a 10-speed automatic will make sure that the Bronco never runs out of breath no matter what you are hauling or what hill you are climbing with it.
The second in line is expected to be a 5.0 V-8 engine that will be good for about 420 horsepower and it too will breathe thru two turbo chargers in order to increase the miles per gallon rating while upping the power from the basic version.
The last one will be for the real hedonistic drivers that never think about their vehicles economy, as long as it puts a smile on their face, and the 6.2 V-8 that will have fire-breathing 500 horses is surely not going to disappoint any Bronco driver.
So we have done our part, now it is up to Ford, and we say please let us have a Bronco, pretty please.


Hellcat Jeep Wrangler by Dakota Customs!

This Hellcat Jeep Wrangler Is One Scary SUV!

Have you ever driven a Jeep Wrangler off road and thought, I wonder what this Wrangler would feel like if I it was powered by a Hellcat V-8 HEMI?
Well stop wondering and start looking into selling your kidneys or other unnecessary body parts, since Dakota Customs have taken the 6.2 liter 707 horsepower heart out of a Dodge Charger Hellcat and wedged it under a hood of a Jeep Wrangler.
This thing has so much power it will smoke the whole line-up of extremely powerful SUVs like Mercedes-AMG G 63, X5-X6 M, Porsche Cayenne Turbo-S and the Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR, so this might justify the insane price tag of nearly a quarter million dollars, or $240,000 to be exact.
The ever-present whine of the supercharger, will make sure that the left lane will be empty as soon as you hit the gas, since its menacing scream will warn all the cars ahead of you to get out of the way.
Check out the video on which this thing is literally plowing the field with all that power while the supercharger is screaming at the nearby trees.

Arctic Truck Toyota Hilux – A badass truck 6×6

Arctic Truck Toyota Hilux – A badass truck 6×6!

Well vehicles like this one are usually coming to us from the palace of some sheik in the middle east that has been so bored with his supercars and hyper cars, and his Ferraris and Lamborghinis, that he throws and insane amount of money at some garage, to custom build him something that is one of a kind.
But what a surprise, this time it is the Russians that have made this insane creation, and it is supposedly made to tackle the huge snow covered areas of Siberia or some other location rarely inhabited by men.
We have to admit that this vehicle has peaked our interest but once we watch the video of it, we were a bit disappointed, since the differential locks do not appear to be functioning properly so the vehicle is closer to a 6×4 instead of a real 6×6 go anywhere monster.
Watch the video and give us your opinion, would you trust a crazy Russian scientist and drive something like this in the desolate snow covered areas of the north, or would you rather stick to the proven Japanese formula when it comes to putting your life in the hands of a machine?

Car Cuts Off A Big Rig Causing Multiple Cars To Swerve Into A Near Collision!!!

Foolish Car Cuts Off A Big Rig Causing MULTIPLE CARS TO SWERVE Into A Near Collision!!! That Was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING To Watch!

Now lets all be honest, no matter how careful we are if you are participating in traffic there has to be a time when you have done something wrong, and there are no two ways about it, maybe you did not think is thru, maybe you have an extremely good explanation or excuse for it but we have all made mistakes and that is just human nature.
But doing something like this is not just a mistake, it is completely stupid and extremely dangerous to all the other participants in traffic.
The video that was recorded in October near Richmond Virginia, includes semi driver who is traveling down the road properly with his dashcam on. The next thing you know, the car that was passing him just a second ago, decides to slow down right in front of him in order to catch the next exit.
Now we all know that a semi that weighs nearly 100 000 pounds is not wining any records in the shortest braking distance so this is why we all give them space, but not this idiot, he slams no the brakes so hard that all hell breaks loose and only by the amazing skills of the driver of the yellow semi that the chaos did not result in a pile up.
Check out the lightning quick and precise reaction of the driver of the semi on the left who is pushed off the road.

Call Of Duty Edition Jeep Wrangler Black Hawk Will Blow Your Mind!


Call Of Duty Edition Jeep Wrangler Black Hawk Will Blow Your Mind!

The franchise of the video game Call Of Duty started its life 13 years ago and as the game and the popularity of the game grew, the whole franchise grew with it and it is now one of the most popular first person shooter video games in the world. With more than 175 million copies of the game sold so far (and nobody knows how many pirated copies downloaded) the franchise made more than $10 billion.
So, no wonder somebody decided to make a one off modified Jeep Wrangler into a Black Hawk Call Of Duty machine. Play the video and see all the extras added to this SUV.

Dodge Owner Finds Out His Truck Can’t Fly!


Dodge Owner Finds Out His Truck Can’t Fly!

Watching too much Baja racing sometimes apparently can get you in trouble. Getting carried away after seeing those racing machines fly over bumps and hills is sometimes too easy like this guy.
In the video, we bring you one of those, “hold my beer” moments, when you think you can do everything a racing pickup can, just because you put a lightbar at the front, and now the truck is unbeatable.
Well think again, because there is a reason a Baja spec truck costs around half a million bucks, and you payed about the tenth of that for your vehicle. To be honest it did not even look like such a big jump but apparently, it was big enough to cause chaos and destruction to the front suspension of that Dodge.
Watch the video and see a machine that was manufactured to complete daily commutes, and light terrain usage, take to the air and get destroyed, luckily the only injury sustained were some bruises to the drivers ego.

6 Door Dodge Mega RAM Runner knocking on Hells Gate!


6 Door Dodge Mega RAM Runner knocking on Hells Gate!

How big is really too big? Well that’s not an easy question to answer since there are different types of drivers that want different size vehicles, and that’s why vehicles these days are so diverse when it comes to size. Some folks like the smaller vehicles for reasonable reasons like easier parking, less pollution and better fuel economy, and cheaper maintenance. But apparently, the owners of this MegaRam do not care for any of those things so they built themselves this monstrosity that has been stretched to amazing 218 inches of wheelbase, so it now has 3 sunroofs and 6 doors to accommodate even more friends on a journey thru the trails of Utah, more specifically on the infamous Hells Gate.
This video has been made at the Easter Jeep Safari, when the builders Heavy D and diesel Sellerz decided they will take this 46inch tire monster on the trails to see what it can do.
It was apparently more than capable to tackle this dangerous terrain and power was never the issue due to the high output of the 6.7 liter Cummins Diesel neither did it run out of traction, so the only reason the driver is taking it easy on the way up is to minimize causing damage to that body.
Watch this long MegaRam flex its way up one of the most demanding off road trails.

775HP Hellcat-Powered Ram Pickup Truck Ready To Burn It Up At SEMA 2016


775HP Hellcat-Powered Ram Pickup Truck Ready To Burn It Up At SEMA 2016!
First of all, we cannot sit here and tell you that this is the first Dodge Ram we have seen that had the awesome engine from a Hellcat series installed in it. But this is probably one of the best all-around built that will hit the streets of SEMA 2016!
This extreme build was undertaken by the folks at the Dallas Speed Shop, and it was constructed with the idea to represent them as best as it can at SEMA.
The engine that was taken from the Hellcat which already had 707 horsepower has now been tuned to amazing 775 horsepower which with the setup of this vehicle is now capable of probably moving a small mountain.

Do not think for a minute that the guys from Dallas Speed Shop just strapped a huge engine and left it alone, as you know this is not how you attract attention at SEMA, at SEMA, you need to fine tune every detail of the entire vehicle and this is just what they did.
Huge 8 piston calipers bite down on the carbon ceramic disks, on the front axle in order to make sure this vehicle stops as good as a sports car, as well as other carbon fiber wings and many other add-ons.
Click on the photos and see all the great looking details of this superb machine.

This quad load option on the 2016 Ford F-150 Is actually genius!


This quad load option on the 2016 Ford F-150 Is actually genius!

New vehicles come better equipped nowadays than ever before. The list for options is so big, that when buying a new car, you might need quite some time to go thru them all and see which one would actually benefit you and which one will be worth nothing, the way you plan on using the new vehicle.
This appears to be the same case with the Ford F-150 which is amongst the best equipped vehicle already. But if you own a ATV then this you must check the box for this option when buying a new truck.
This ramp is one of the best and safest solutions to get a quad on the bed of the pickup.
Although not cheap at $740 these sturdy ramps work perfectly with the tailgate of the vehicle to simplify the transportation of your ATV.

Redneck Tug of War Gone Wrong – Dodge Bends in Half!



The game of Tug Of War, is one of the simplest games that you can play with two vehicles, all you need is a strong cable to connect the vehicles and then let them battle it out.
Since this game is played at literally 2 mph it is also safe and for the most part, only bring some stress to the drivetrain of the vehicles.
Well this is the deal, for the most part. Today we bring you a video of a Dodge Ram, that has been loaded with literally ton of concrete blocks and connected to something that resembles a monster truck.
As soon as the game starts, the poor Dodge beds in half throwing the crowd and the announcer into a frenzy.
Seeing this happen is one of the most extraordinary things, but not the most extraordinary because, after that Dodge gets some help from heavy duty loading equipment, he is back at it, and you won’t believe your eyes but actually wins the competition, que the chaotic reaction of everybody at the scene…
You gotta see this incredibly tough truck.

10 Off-Road Cars You Need For Your Big Adventure!

10 Off-Road Cars You Need For Your Big Adventure!
If you are the outdoorsy type and love off road adventures, you probably live in the best time to do it since never before has been so many stock off road vehicles that can take on any trail and conquer it, so we bring you 10 options that you should really consider if you are in the market for something to have an adventure in.
No matter which one you choose, the dual or the single rear wheels the Ford F-350’s huge 6.2-liter V-8 with 385 horsepower will make sure you can bring all you need with you, in that super heavy duty vehicle. The new generation of this vehicle is driven by a six speed automatic that if you choose the option can drive all the wheels.

For twenty-two years the Japanese made Toyota 4Runner has been the leader in its class both off and on the road. With top notch reliability and toughness this mid-size SUV is being sold with the slogan “Keep it wild”, so if you like car comforts and off road ability than this should be your choice.


The first one to feature a real off roader technology like body on frame is the Nissan Xterra and since this is basically the same frame from the well-known Nissan pickup lineup it means you cannot go wrong with it. The sub frame itself is a guarantee that you won’t be stuck as soon as you leave the beaten path.


If your favorite spot in the wild is somewhere hidden behind huge boulders and deep ditches, then you weapon of choice against the trail should probably be the Dodge Power Wagon, which is as heavy duty as they come. Although it looks like something from a while back, the technology it uses to overcome obstacles is very modern.


Probably to total opposite of the Dodge Power Wagon, is the Chevy Colorado Trailboss Z71, since one look at that front lip and you know that this vehicle is not clearing any big rock or a deep ditch. Its playground is the beach where those huge tires will come into play, and sail safely thru the deep sand.


The next suggestion comes from England and is as sophisticated as English duke, yet it looks as good on the trails as it does in front of expensive restaurants. It is one of the most luxurious SUV you can buy at the moment, and this one, the Range Rover Sport version finally comes based on the regular one, unlike the previous Sport model that was riding on the platform of the smaller Discovery3.


Aside from the downside of looking like a Russian Gangster, the Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4 will capably get you anywhere on the planet at speed, since that V8 is breathing thru two turbochargers. Built by Puch in Austria, this model has been in production longer than any other Mercedes with about 35 years under its belt.


The icon of adventure comes to us in the form of Jeep Wrangler as one of the most famous vehicles in the world to drive off the paved roads. The latest version is as capable as ever, and with nearly 300 horsepower is as powerful as ever as well.


The Raptor fighter from Dodge has been named Ram 1500 Rebel, and the upgraded suspension from the regular Ram promises to get you anywhere you are headed while having the capability to fill up the truck bed with all the camping necessities.


Last but not least on the list, is the real off-roading legend, the Toyota Land Cruiser. This vehicle has been the UN “weapon of choice” that has taken observers, rescue workers, and doctors to the farthest reaches of the world, so we are pretty sure it will take you on a great adventure.

Slicktop Fade: Ford Hides Explorer’s Police Lights in Rear Spoiler!


Slicktop Fade: Ford Hides Explorer’s Police Lights in Rear Spoiler!

The game of cat and mouse that almost all drivers play with the Police is getting changed right before our eyes.
For 20 years or so, all motorist were keeping their eyes open for a Crown Vic, which was the law enforcement’s vehicle of choice and upon seeing one anywhere, we learned to behave.
Yes, the game was kinda rigged in our favor and although it was not 100% accurate, chances were pretty good that that Crown Vic was somebody that is not too happy with you breaking the speed limit. With the new law enforcement vehicles like the Dodge Chargers and Ford Explorers, the odds are now changing in favor of the Police, since there are a huge variety of this vehicles used by literally everybody that can afford one.
Over time we started spotting the hidden emergency lights on these vehicles in order to help us keep our license. Now, with the newest addition to the California Highway Patrol it seems we are toast. This Ford Explorer has all the emergency lights camouflaged and there is almost no way of knowing his intentions and authority until it’s too late.
So I guess we all better behave now. Check out this stealthy interceptor in the video bellow.

Dodge Truck Has HUGE Nitrous Backfire!


Dodge Truck Has HUGE Nitrous Backfire!

One of the most effective ways to lower the quarter mile times for years has been the nitrous spray, this method has been favorited amongst professional as well as amateur drag racers.
However, the nitrous is not something to take lightly since a small error in the calculations of how much spray can an engine take, can lead to the engine becoming an expansive fireworks display.
Lucky for the owner of this Dodge Ram that is being powered by a Cumming engine, the nitrous fail happened at low RPM and it appears that the only damage was to the garage wall. The truck does not show any damage since it appears that a short while after that bang it put down 781 horsepower and a commendable 1400lb-ft of torque.
Watch a nitrous powered explosion followed by a bunch of guys giggling like schoolgirls in the video below, and remember, one should always be careful around nitrous.

’66 Year Old Truck With Supercharged Big Block V8 Is Sickly Unsafe And Awesome!


66 Year Old Truck With Supercharged Big Block V8 Is Sickly Unsafe And Awesome!

By now there is barely any true car enthusiast that are not familiar with Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger, the guys from the Motor-Trend YouTube channel show that is getting more and more popular with every episode. The Roadkill show this time features and F6 dump truck that was built in 1950 and received a stripping diet and suffered a wheelbase shortening procedure along with a supercharged big-block V8 being installed in it just so it can pull wheelies. This however turned it into something that will look more at home at a Mad-Max movie set then something rolling down the street. We present to you “Stubby Bob’s comeback”.