Who Knew a 100,000 Ton Aircraft Carrier Could Drift!

The military may call this an EXTREME RUDDER TEST, which is a maneuver in which this floating city also known as a U.S. Nimitz-class aircraft carrier completes a high-speed SUPER-TIGHT TURN, in order to make sure the vessel performs at the top of its game, but to us this looks like a regular drift!
The whole deal is pretty simple, they go “full rudder” to one side, and apply full power, causing this island sized vessel to go sideways and list to 10 or 15 degrees, and yes, we know that smaller vessels can list up to 45 degrees, but like we said, they are much smaller, and with a surface like this one, with that huge landing deck, things are much more intense.
Apart from testing the equipment, this also shows younger sailors what their “baby” can do and boosts moral to new high levels.
Check out the amazing video of a “drifting” aircraft carrier, and tell us, wouldn’t it be fun to be on board while these trials are performed, or would you be spilling your lunch in seconds?

The Process Behind A 800,000 LBS Yacht LAUNCH! It’s Not Simple At All!

The Process Behind A 800,000 LBS Yacht LAUNCH! It’s Not Simple At All!

Once vessels like this amazing yacht are built in the Christensen Shipyards in Vancouver, they need to find their way from the factory to their natural environment, the water.
You would think that this would be a simple process of dumping the yacht in the water, but once you found out that this yacht brings 800,000 lbs to the scale, you know that there are bound to be some complications.
Apparently the guys that are doing this are professionals and their crew brings the enormous 160 feet long luxurious vessel to the water with the help of a big Mack truck with now problem.
In order to make sure that there is no damage to this expensive yacht, the process is painfully slow and it takes them half a day to do it but in the end, the beautiful boat which is designed to entertain 12 guests at the expense of $250,000 a week gets to the water in perfect condition, check it out.

Expensive yachts crash compilation, that will make you cringe!

Expensive yachts crash compilation, that will make you cringe!

Being able to afford a yacht is a rare privilege amongst us, and unfortunately, we are not the ones that you can find on the way to the yacht club or back, but this will not stop us from writing about them and showing you amazing videos of their fails. Today’s compilation is one of the most expensive ones, since any damage to these extremely priced beauties brings a hefty repair price tag.
Some of the damages are cause by weather some by operator error and some off course by sheer stupidity and those are probably most entertaining to us.
Some of these ultra expensive yachts have a well trained crew and an experienced captain but even the best seagoing professionals make mistakes and unfortunately they are caught on camera as well.
Check out the video of one of the most epic yacht-crash compilation we have been able to find, and remember some of them did look like the hurt allot.

This Is The Worlds Fastest Mega Yacht!



Reaching great speeds on water is a lot more difficult than on land, and reaching about 75 mph in a huge 140 ft. mega yacht is nearly impossible, or at least that’s what everybody thought.
Now that’s where they were wrong, because the persistency of John Staluppi took him from one shipyard to another until he was told by most of them that it cannot be done.
Did Mr. Staluppi quit and settle for a slower vessel?
No he sure did not, so he established Millennium Super Yachts and built the “impossible” super-fast super luxurious yacht.
Watch the video and hear him tell the story himself while riding in that thing of beauty luxury and speed.

Check Out Largest Wall Of Water Created By Top Fuel Drag Boats!


Check Out Largest Wall Of Water Created By Top Fuel Drag Boats!

What has 8000 horsepower and is able to do 262.2 mile on hour in just second on water?
Well folks, let us introduce you to the drag boat. These breathtaking machines are the top of the line of water born speed demons and this competition is the very elite in the world, since one of the boats actually brakes the record in his class on this run.
Amongst the side effects of such tremendous speed and acceleration is a huge wave that actually looks like a wall and this is the biggest one ever.
Watch the video and enjoy all that power “sail” thru water.

Now THIS is how you Dock! Serious Skills!



If you have sailed anything bigger than a canoe, you know that it is never easy to dock a vessel, and practice and experience are something that is required in order not to smash it into the docks.
Apparently these guys had so much practice in docking that they even made it kind of a sport of extreme docking, where you are timed in how quick you can dock your boat.
And these guys are apparently an elite in this competition. The way this captain flies into the docks at full throttle while his “Tough Luck II” vessel literally flies inches from the dock, is something so unbelievable and so fast, we promise you that you will watch it two or three times in order to appreciate his skills.

New $48,000,000 golden yacht launched in Sturgeon Bay, mega baller alert!


New $48,000,000 golden yacht launched in Sturgeon Bay, mega baller alert!

There are many ways to show off your huge bank account and buying a Yacht is surely one of the most popular ones, that is guaranteed to attract the attention of everybody on shore. And what better way to attract the attention of gold-diggers than showing up in a golden Palmer Johnson 150-ft yacht designed to look like a spaceship made out of carbon composite and other lightweight materials.
This modern vessel is capable of reaching 32 knots which is fast enough to get you to the next clamorous destination of your choosing in no time. Play the video and see the maiden voyage of one of the flashiest yachts currently in the oceans.

Watch A Ship BEACH ITSELF Before It Is Cut To Pieces!


Watch A Ship BEACH ITSELF Before It Is Cut To Pieces!

So far none of the world’s scientist or the best of the marine biologist have not been able to explain why whales beach themselves. We might have stumbled upon the solution while watching a video that comes to us from Turkey. This is a place called Aliaga, and it’s a known scraping operation. This is where the ships come to die and get cut up for scrap metal. Maybe the wales have seen us do this and decided that they should try the same thing at the end of their lives. All jokes aside, here is a video of a huge ship deliberately hitting Terra Firma.

Orca Killer Whales DRAG RACING Against A Small Speedboat!


Orca Killer Whales DRAG RACING Against A Small Speedboat!

Car vs Car, Car vs Bike, Car vs Boat, these are just a few of the race we have brought you so far but today we bring you something different. One of the scariest predators of the blue is racing a small speed boat. Yes, it is the Orca Killer whale that is racing and having fun with a boat that they came across. The pod of whales as you will see in the video has no intention to overtake the boat so it’s just having fun following it, in a way they are letting off the gas for humans to win so they are being nice to our species.
Since this is actually the first video of its kind and the chances of seeing this again are very slim, we understand why everybody at the boat is so excited and ecstatic about this.
And yes just like on any great video there is one annoying lady that is just exited, but no, unlike the people that commented on the video we cannot agree that they should have thrown her to the whales as a prize.
Check out man losing once again to nature but in the coolest and most fun way possible.

Container Ship Sails Straight to Shore by University Football Field!


Container Ship Sails Straight to Shore by University Football Field!

Container ships are the biggest moving objects on earth and definitely the biggest transportation vessels in the oceans. This however make them terrible to maneuver and very hard to stop in case they go rouge and lose control.
This is the exact situation we have on the following video, an enormous container ship has lost control and is heading straight to a football field on shore. For a moment there we see this moving mountain going straight towards the shore with the anchors dropping in a desperate attempt to stop it but as soon as it gets close to get beached the vessel starts slowing down and the mayhem that we are expecting to see does not happen.
According to the official statement the main engine of the 192.5-meter-long Hansa Constitution broke down so the best action to take in order to get is out of the busy shipping lane was to beach the vessel and this is exactly what they did.

2600hp 575ci Outerlimits Powerboat! Loud Start Up!



Contrary to popular beliefs, powerboats are not vehicle used strictly for racing and by drug smugglers. There is actually quite big fan base for them and many times the fan base is the same one as the muscle car fan base. Reason for it is simple, they both use huge, sweet sounding V8 Supercharged engines, crafted and tuned to perfection.
This beast runs a couple of 575 Mercury Racing engines that are good for 1300 hp each and that’s just on pump gas. If you feed those beasts some racing fuel they will thank you for it by delivering about 1650 horsepower each. Now that’s what we call gratitude.
Turn up the speakers and enjoy this symphony on land and water, and while some of the commentaries are about whether the engine surges at idle due to the carburetors being out of tune, or due to the aggressive cams, or the supercharger jamming too much air down the throat of that engine, we can honestly say, we don’t care, as long as we get to hear this beast scream.

Russian Billionaire’s $300 Million Dollar Yacht… Take a Look at The Inside!


Russian Billionaire’s $300 Million Dollar Yacht… Take a Look at The Inside!

Thanks to The Wall Street Journal, we get to see the inside of the 300 Million dollar yacht, and yes, luxury is a word that does not come close to describe the decadence in it. Designed by one of the most famous yacht designers, the Frenchman Philippe Starck this vessel named “A” is one of the most hated and loved in the world at the same time. Check out what Russian Billionaire Andrey Melnichencko spent all that money on.

The Fastest Ship in the US Navy: Boeing Pegasus-Class Hydrofoils !

maxresdefault (1)


In 1945 while working with a new radar system the scientist noticed that the chocolate bar in his pocket has melted. Believe it or not this was the actual birth of the microwave oven. Development of military technology has brought us a very big number of new everyday usable discoveries. But to be fair, not all new military technologies are perfect and some just needed to go back to the drawing board or maybe they just created expenses that were greater than the advancement they provided. This can be said about one of the fastest and most efficient naval vessel, the Boeing Pegasus-Class Hydrofoil. While it was able to slice thru heavy seas with its bow raised above the waves there were still many other concerns with this fast attack weapon system that caused its discontinuation. This video is one of the best way to see this vessel in action since All ships of the Pegasus class have been decommissioned since 1993.

Don’t Stand Too Close to this Ship Launch – Spectators get ROCKED!



In case you have not seen a ship being launched in the water so far, well let’s just say they can get pretty violent. For most of the time there is not much finesse in it. They basically slide them into the water backwards or sideways.
Today we show you a sideways launch that creates a micro tsunami tidal wave. After the happy spectators realize that the wave is not that small they all start running away. Just like in every tidal way there are casualties, and older gentleman is not fast enough to run away and he gets a unwanted mini-shower.
Check out why he will never ever stand that close on a ship launching event as long as he lives.

Ships in the Wild Arms of Stormy Seas Compilation!


Ships in the Wild Arms of Stormy Seas Compilation!

Take a look at an awesome compilation of ships that are battling the scary force of Mother Nature. The sea shows his ugly side and slams these vessels with huge waves. It is incredible how some of them even manage to stay afloat but luckily they do. As a car enthusiast site what we are baffled by is who loads vehicles on a boat and does not tie them down?
The poor vehicles are thrown from one side to the other colliding amongst themselves.

A Yacht Fit For James Bond and All His Ladies!


A Yacht Fit For James Bond and All His Ladies!

Since most of us will never be able to afford a real super yacht like this, nothing stops us from drooling over it like little kids at a candy store window. Named the Black Swan this is a one of a kind design study and it is equipped with every luxury imaginable and even a few that you could not imagine yourself. Although it is not even clear it will ever be produced, we can already imagine this yacht featured in a James Bond movie with gorgeous ladies on the deck. The super yacht like almost all of them features its own helicopter for the speedy getaway when the villains come after the British spy.

The gorgeous and modern OKTO Superyacht


The gorgeous and modern OKTO Superyacht!

Most of the yachts have a classic design, and it looks like they are afraid to change that in the design department. This OKTO Superyacht is not one of those classic yachts, because its design is so modern and sleek.
This Superyacht is created by the Italian shipyard ISA Yachts, and it is 66 meters in length. The yacht has a spacious main deck of 80 square meters. Well, this yacht would not be a luxury one if it did not have its own helipad and infinity pool that can be cooled or heated. Also, it has a gym and a Jacuzzi that utilizes the oversized windows and the skylight in order to create an outdoor feeling. The main suite of the yacht has its private balcony that presents itself just at the push of a button. This beautiful boat can be yours for $64M or you can rent it for $500k per week. Enjoy the gallery!

A Boat From The Future – Quadrofoil Hydrofoil Electric Watercraft Q2

Quadrofoil Hydrofoil Electric Watercraft Q2

A Boat From The Future – Quadrofoil Hydrofoil Electric Watercraft Q2!

Made by three Slovenian designers, this is the ePWC, a personal electrically powered hydro-foiling watercraft, which rises out of to water to new heights.
One of the most amazing features on this vehicle is that is totally quiet and id does not make any waves nor does it pollute, so this makes it suitable for use in absolutely any lake or river, even in the ones that are considered marine protected areas, which can open up a big number of water surfaces that were closed for fun. It features new patented steering technology that even works when it is above the water in hydro-foiling mode. Able to reach speeds of around 40 km/h or if you prefer nautical terms, around 21 knots and has a range of 100 km (54 nautical miles) and the recharging cycle is less than 2 hours. With prices starting at €22,500 (£17,586 or $28,144) we are sure it’s not going to be something you see in every puddle but we believe it will find its costumers. Watch the video and tell us would you pay 30 grand for something like this that supposedly transforms boating into a fusion of driving a formula race car and flying?

7 Awesome Ship Side Launch Videos

7 Awesome Ship Side Launch Videos

7 Awesome Ship Side Launches – Ship Launch Madness!

In order to move a huge ship from the dry-dock where it is being built on land into its natural environment the water usually two cheap options remain. The first one is the undocking or just rolling backwards into the water but the second and the one that is tremendously spectacular is the side launch. This basically means it is slid sideways into the water creating a very cool gigantic splash. We now bring you the 7 most spectacular launches. Epic waves that are caused by these steel giants crashing into the water, overflowing roads taking out cameras and giving the workers nearby cold shower. Watch them splash and tell us which one is your favorite.

Insane Superyacht is the Future of Luxury


Insane Superyacht is the Future of Luxury!

Almost all the modern super-yachts look similar to one another. They all feature a prominent bow and stem sections as well as luxury above and below sea level accommodations. This time we bring you something different that the Italian design studio Pastrovich has sketched up and it has been named the Sveti Super-yacht.
This new vessel has shapes that are closer to a spaceship or a bullet-train rather than a classic super-yacht. According to the design studio this special shape resulted in a vessel that has better internal strength then most of other vessels and even less materials used. In addition to this, it has better use of the internal and external living area, that are able to stretch right to the very edge of the ship.
It is obvious that the top half of the vessel is covered with huge glass areas that feature extremely high ceiling and a vast relaxation area. The lower interior level houses the selection of living and sleeping accommodations. The third level down features similar arrangements with the difference that it is below the water line so it has a number of big underwater windows in the sleeping and spa areas.
The lower deck is reserved for the bars and even wine cellars, but even this extravagance is surpassed by the incredibly big rear deck that has enough room for three large swimming pools and outdoor space that certainly rivals some exclusive hotels and resorts.

Kraken by Gray Design

Kraken by Gray Design

When Your Villian Super Yacht Matches Your Supercar, You Have Made It

All though it is not yet available to the public, The Kraken by Gray Design, is a design study inspired by the Vapour GT concept, and it provides you with a matching extreme land and sea transportation. The Yacht is a catamaran concept with a four deck layout and it includes accommodation in each hull. The windscreen is raked in order to actually work as a skylight for a large lounge on the deck that is designated to be used by the owner. Truly a new high in the rich and famous is going to be owning a yacht named Kraken that looks like your car and is capable of even scaring the pirates with just its name let alone with its appearance. Play the video and go on a virtual tour of the beast and admire the lavish interior of this futuristic yacht.

Award Winning Megayacht Saramour by CRN Yachts

Designed by Francesco Paszkowski and built by the famous Italian shipyard CRN S.p.A. this beauty of the sea was launched in March 2014, and is a 61 meter mega-yacht. The public first laid their eyes on it last year at the Monaco Yacht Show 2014. This year it was presented again at the World Superyacht Awards in May 2015, where again it received the “Judges Commendation” award.
The technical team of the prominent CRN shipyard headed by Paszkowski, decided to include something that is not seen yet on a megayacht, an owner’s only deck. 12 guests and 15 crew members will find their accommodations on a 5 deck and a sub-deck layout. Two guest suites, two double cabins and an owner designated suite are what you can choose from if you are among the 12 guests. On the main deck you will find a large main salon that includes a dining area, which can be reached from the aft. Towards the bow there is a lift for the guests and a circular lobby that separates the salon from the sleeping area, which consists of two VIP double suites.

The main idea while building the stern was to be used for relaxation, with the stern hatch providing access to a large beach club. The entire upper deck as we mentioned earlier is solely dedicated exclusively to the owner. It features a large external dining table as well as a large indoor sky lounge. Walking towards the bow, you will find (separated from the lobby by a lift) the Owner’s suite that can be reached also from the Owner’s study. For relaxation purposes, the Owner has a square spa pool at his disposal that is also capable of transforming into a sundeck.
Unlike the usual 60 meter yachts built by CRN shipyard, this yacht features an extra deck: a fly deck, used as a rest area for pampering the captain. In fact, from the stern forward the area is occupied by the fitness area with a large glass surface that also has a skylight.
Two 3512 C-C Caterpillar engines rated at 1.230 KW each power this vessel to a top speed of 15 knots with a usual cruising speed of excellent 14 knots.


Modesty is apparently not a virtue that Espen Oeino possesses. This is obvious from his newest addition to the SILVERYACHT series, the Silver Fast.

With room for up to 18 guests this 252.6 foot $86 million gem stone is definitely one of the most glamorous ways to sail. In addition to glamour, this super-yacht also provides uncanny speed, able to reach 27 knots and with a cruising speed of 20-22 knots, it’s a sure way to get away from everybody that lent you money to buy it. During your great escape you will be able to enjoy the glass fronted Jacuzzi, a massive indoor/outdoor dining area with sliding glass panels, full spa including a steam room, a gym and a beauty salon, so you can look your best on the mug-shot once you are caught. This yacht also has a very shallow construction so you can hide in shallow water were other yachts wouldn’t dare enter in order to evade capture. The only bad thing for this endeavor will probably be the helipad where the authorities can land their helicopter in order to catch you napping in one of the eight rooms.
Oh yeah, end if you do get caught, don’t mention our names it will only get you in bigger trouble.

134 Meter Fincantieri Serene Superyacht Redefines Luxury

Luxury Yacht Fincantieri Serene ghtzjfj
This is the biggest private Superyacht every built – Meet the luxurious 134 meter FINCANTIERI SERENE!
We recommend you to lay back on the chair and imagine yourself at the open sea with a glass of wine and a $330.000.000 yacht! Maybe this sounds impossible to you, but it is a real thing for Yuri Scheffler! He is a Russian Vodka Tycoon, if you haven’t heard of him before, and he knows how to enjoy the life. The yacht is named Fincantieri Serene and is one of the largest superyachts in the world.
The yacht is built by the Italian shipyard Fincantieri and it took 4 years of building. This yacht has a beam of 61 feet and is 440 feet long. The Fincantieri Serene has a total capacity of 24 persons that are able to enjoy the inside swimming pool and also all of the other luxury stuffs. But, that is not all. This thing can be used like a storage for a large submarine, and also it can be used like a platform for 2 helicopters! Can you believe this! The decks are decorated with the very best, including outdoor sitting areas, spas, and many other things, and also is clearly modern. Check out the video to see this amazing luxurious yacht!