1967-Shelby-Mustang-GT500-Eleanor 1

”Gone In 60 Seconds” ’Eleanor’ Is For Sale.

We are talking about one 14 years old movie with Nicolas Cage and one hell of a car, a ’67 Shelby Mustang GT500 called ‘Eleanor’. It will be presented at an auction at Mecum in August this year. It is one of 11 items that were produced. Three of them were working cars and she was one of them. The car was designed by Steve Stanford and produced by Cinema Vehicle Services, North Hollywood, California. The car has crate motor 351 CI from Ford Racing, transmission with four speeds, shifter knob from Go Baby Go, exhaust with side exit, trunk lid and hood, fender flares within the body kit, 17 inches large wheels from Schmidt, disc brakes for four wheels, 700 CFM carburetor with four barrels from Holley and CVS added side exhaust after the movie. After all, there is a letter A as a sign of authenticity coming from CVS’s Ray Claridge.

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